ITSHEKENG TOURS offers quality and safe services to both local and international clients for an exceptional experience. We specialise in tours that are cultural, educational and filled with heritage adventure. We cater you a great mix of culture and history.

We offer tours for Individuals, organized groups, corporate groups and private groups such as couples. We use insured and comfortable shuttle and bus services transportation that caters to the number of customers required.

Educational tours are popular among Itshekeng Tours as they motivate and encourage the young learners about different professions, history, culture, ideas and career opportunities. As a growing business, we have engraved in our motto and methodology that client’s satisfaction occupies a priority in the hierarchy of our enterprise and development.

Talented Team

We have a highly talented team of experienced web professionals each bringing key skills to the table. We value our working environment, promoting remote working, ergonomic workstations and modern technologies.

We strive to offer the best solution and impartial advice for your business at a great price. We care about our work and love a challenge so if you want a partner who cares about your business choose Itshekeng Tours